MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GT-R (4WD)

MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GT-R (4WD)
MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GT-R (4WD) MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GT-R (4WD) MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GT-R (4WD) MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GT-R (4WD)
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As used by big power, huge RPM, crazy top speed (on a short racetrack) competition cars...

MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R
MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R
Integrated Motorsport GTR: World Time Attack Open Class - 3rd Place Winner
1100hp at the wheels
Datalogging screenshots courtesy of PMC Race Engines


Our MONSTAR Tailshaft for the R32, R33 and R34 Skyline GT-R (4WD) saves you 48% of rotational weight and is 3.5” of bolt-on proprietary super lightweight alloy featuring OEM DANA “Spicer” SPL-series components. DANA is the world's largest OEM manufacturer of tailshaft components and made in the USA.

MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R
All genuine DANA "SPICER" Components


Each MONSTAR Tailshaft is individually balanced and rated to the following specifications:

  • max shaft speed = 11700rpm 
  • max engine power = 1360kW / 1830hp 
  • max engine torque = 1110nM / 820ft-lbs

MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R
MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R


The Alpha Omega Racing MONSTAR Tailshaft saves you a MASSIVE 6.70kg of weight and not just plain old weight but rotational weight! Racing rims strive to save grams - yes they're talking GRAMS and not KILOgrams because fast racers know even a “small” rotational weight saving equals massive performance gains. Don't believe us? Check out the Volk Racing TE37 SuperLap Edition in size 18x10.5", Rays Engineering boasts a saving of 400grams over the non-SuperLap edition. Compare a set of 4 wheels that save 1.6kg of rotational weight at a cost of ~$3500 and our rotational weight saving over 4 TIMES that for half the price.

MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R
PIG032_Motorsport: ex drift, now World Time Attack Competitor


Basically, you'll get both faster acceleration and deceleration performance, the engine will feel "revier" with increased transient throttle response.

  • MONSTAR Tailshaft = 7.3kg
  • OEM GTR Tailshaft = 14.0kg
  • Rotational weight saving = 6.7kg = 48%

All shaft lengths will be customised to suit your vehicle. This product will suit R32, R33, R34 GT-Rs and the C34 4WD Stagea.

MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R

MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R
Xtreme GTR: World Time Attack Full Carbon 1000+hp


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