MONSTAR Ignition: Skyline Kit: Version 2

MONSTAR Ignition: Skyline Kit: Version 2
MONSTAR Ignition: Skyline Kit: Version 2 MONSTAR Ignition: Skyline Kit: Version 2 MONSTAR Ignition: Skyline Kit: Version 2 MONSTAR Ignition: Skyline Kit: Version 2
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​No plans to produce them anymore but maybe you can twist our arm?...


Our MONSTAR Ignition for the Nissan Skyline (non-NEO) features the strongest OEM coilpacks on the market today – the ACDelco “LQ9” coilpacks, affectionately known as LS2Truck or D585 coils with built-in igniters, built-in protection and built-in heat sinks.

  1. Strongest coilpack used by an OEM
    • No misfires = more reliable power
    • Best throttle response
    • Increased mileage
  2. Guaranteed perfect fit
    • Uses OEM connectors

MONSTAR Ignition
MONSTAR Ignition for Nissan Skylines




  1. Billet aerospace alloy 100% CNC machined in one continuous piece
  2. Top side cooling slots machined through with heat sink cooling
  3. Bottom side accurately “keyed” to secure and cool coilpacks
  4. Fastened with the most bolts possible: 5 bolts
  5. Anodised in Alpha Omega Racing's signature Sun Silver


Alpha Omega Racing is well known for engineering and CNC machining beautiful yet functional parts out of aircraft-grade alloys and it’s no exception here. Except for the coilpacks and chassis plug we provide all the parts needed for a complete install including electrical plug kits and even custom tools!

MONSTAR Ignition
MONSTAR Ignition - Custom Billet Stainless Steel Tool - Instructions on how to use it are included in the full colour installation manual


To ensure a perfect fit and seal the MONSTAR Ignition is engineered to use your OEM plug boots and springs.

MONSTAR Ignition
MONSTAR Ignition - Easy Fitment



From our experience in the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) we’re making Version 2; it adds secure coilpack keying (CMM measured coilpacks, CNC machined recessing) and machined-through cooling slots.

MONSTAR Ignition
Through Cooling Slots and CMM / CNC Machined Key Recesses


MONSTAR Ignition
MONSTAR Ignition - Perfect Fitment and Cooling




The MONSTAR Ignition includes everything needed to bolt in and wire up your new coilpacks:

  1. 1 x CNC machined billet alloy coilpack holder
  2. 5 x CNC machined billet alloy stands
  3. 1 x CNC machined billet stainless steel spring installation tool
  4. 6 x LQ9 electrical plug kits
  5. Various bolts and washers
  6. Full installation instructions with colour pictures


You need the following parts to make it all work:

  1. 6x LQ9 / D585 / LS2 TRUCK coilpacks 

MONSTAR Ignition
MONSTAR Ignition - Perfect Fitment




  1. Coilpacks sold separately
  2. Does not suit NEO engines
  3. Custom colour anodising is shown and available for $150+GST


You specify R32, R33, or R34 at the end of the checkout process, that way we know what parts to ship to you.



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