MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GTST/GTT (RWD)

MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GTST/GTT (RWD)
MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GTST/GTT (RWD) MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GTST/GTT (RWD) MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GTST/GTT (RWD) MONSTAR Tailshaft: Skyline GTST/GTT (RWD)
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As used by big power, huge RPM, crazy top speed (on a short racetrack) competition cars...

MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R
MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R
Integrated Motorsport GTR: World Time Attack Open Class - 3rd Place Winner
1100hp at the wheels
Datalogging screenshots courtesy of PMC Race Engines


Our MONSTAR Tailshaft for the R32, R33 and R34 Skyline GTST/GTT (rear wheel drive) saves you 42% of rotational weight and is 3.5” of bolt-on proprietary super lightweight alloy featuring DANA “Spicer” SPL-series components. DANA is the world's largest OEM manufacturer of tailshaft components and made in the USA.

MONSTAR Tailshaft
All genuine DANA "SPICER" Components


Each MONSTAR Tailshaft is individually balanced and rated to the following specifications:

  • max shaft speed = 11700rpm 
  • max engine power = 1360kW / 1830hp 
  • max engine torque = 1110nM / 820ft-lbs

MONSTAR Tailshaft
Some MONSTAR Tailshafts for Skylines and Silvias (and Stageas)!


The Alpha Omega Racing MONSTAR Tailshaft saves you a MASSIVE 4.60kg of weight and not just plain old weight but rotational weight! Racing rims strive to save grams - yes they're talking GRAMS and not KILOgrams because fast racers know even a “small” rotational weight saving equals massive performance gains. Don't believe us? Check out the Volk Racing TE37 SuperLap Edition in size 18x10.5", Rays Engineering boasts a saving of 400grams over the non-SuperLap edition. Compare a set of 4 wheels that save 1.6kg of rotational weight at a cost of ~$3500 and our rotational weight saving  ~3 TIMES that for 1/3 the price.

MONSTAR Tailshaft
PIG032_Motorsport: ex drift, now World Time Attack Competitor


Basically, you'll get both faster acceleration and deceleration performance, the engine will feel "revier" with increased transient throttle response.

  • MONSTAR Tailshaft = 6.2kg
  • OEM GTST/GTT Tailshaft = 10.8kg
  • Rotational weight saving = 4.6kg = 42%

All shaft lengths will be customised to suit your vehicle. This product will suit R33 and R34 GTST/GTT Skylines.

MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R

MONSTAR Tailshaft: GT-R
Xtreme GTR: World Time Attack Full Carbon 1000+hp


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