Cosworth Head Gasket

Cosworth Head Gasket
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From all the manufacturers out there we choose Cosworth parts to use in our own engines. Why? Cosworth are world renowned for engineering and producing engines of the highest calibre… Formula One to be exact, but also engines for Lotus, 24 Hours of Le Mans and how about the rally legend Ford Escort?

Backed by numerous wins on the world stage, we wish Alpha Omega Racing would reach Cosworth's level of expertise and prowess. In the meantime we will stock and use their parts, this time it’s the head gasket.

The specifications are:

  • Engine: SR20DET and when doing an RWD SR20VE(T) VE/VVL/NEO head conversion.
  • Bore: 87mm
  • Thickness: 1.1mm
  • Type: Multi-layered stainless steel

Extra features: Folded stopper layer for superior sealing, individually die cut pieces, pre-coated 0.25 micron (that’s 0.00025mm) nitrile rubber.

We specifically choose and use the 1.1mm thickness to keep compression, and off-boost response, as high and as excellent as possible.

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