999BESPOKE: Open to Everyone =)

999BESPOKE: Open to Everyone =)
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It's time to let a lucky SILVIA owner enjoy the goodness of the 999BESPOKE brakes. The brembo logo will be different. 999BESPOKE are special products we make on request only for our special customers. If you have never purchased any Alpha Omega Racing products before, 999BESPOKE is not available to you.

Manufacturing period: approximately six weeks.





999BESPOKE 6pot Brembo 365x32mm





999BESPOKE 6pot Brembo 365x32mm

999BESPOKE 6pot Brembo 365x32mm
Alpha Omega Racing's 999BESPOKE brakes - 6 Piston Brembo Monobloc calipers on 365x32mm curved vane rotors




  1. Mind-blowingly cheap to replace the consumables - pads and rotors
  2. Monobloc one-piece calipers, genuine Brembo, 6 piston / 6 pot, made in Italy
  3. Competition curved vane rotors
  4. All brand new components
  5. Other than bending or removing the dust shield, this big brake kit is 100% bolt-on, no modifying whatsoever

999BESPOKE 6pot Brembo 365x32mm
999BESPOKE brakes - 6pot Brembo Monobloc calipers - genuine Brembo




Italian made genuine Brembo calipers with correctly orientated 6 differential pistons - all of which feature individual dust boots - a must for street cars and a must for street legal engineering. The construction is "monobloc" meaning the caliper is made out of one solid piece, not 2-piece like the entry level calipers. Monobloc's drawcard is rigidity, for ultimate braking feel and feedback.

The other drawcard of the larger caliper is the significantly larger brake pad. A larger brake pad delivers a more stable temperature / coefficient of friction and that translates into a consistent pedal effort over an extended period of time. The large surface area also allows you to use less aggressive pad compounds. Included in this big brake kit are pads fitted on factory high performance cars, suitable for street and some track sprints and hillclimbs.

We guarantee you'll have a mountain of brake pads to choose from, and unlike other motorsport calipers with brake pads starting at $500 and up, you have branded pads starting from $81 shipped off eBay! We will give you the part number in your paperwork when you order so you aren't locked into buying consumable parts from us.

999BESPOKE 6pot Brembo 365x32mm
999BESPOKE brake pads VS Evo Brembo



CURVED VANE (Motorsport) ROTORS 365x32mm

Competition-type "curved vane" rotors generally cost $1500 and up but we scoured high and low to locate cost-effective curved-vane rotors in a suitable size. These 365x32mm one-piece rotors feature curved slots, dimpled faces and 48 vanes for supreme cooling. Remember that the rotor's job is to absorb heat and dissipate said heat as quickly as possible - cooler running rotors allow you to use gentle pads which are quieter, longer lasting for both pad and rotor, and dust less. They are generally easier to modulate with less grab and friendlier release characteristics.

These rotors are a staggeringly cheap $225 per pair including delivery on eBay - on your first rotor replacement you will save over one thousand dollars! After 2 more rotor changes these 999BESPOKE brakes will literally have paid themselves off!

We will give you the part number in your paperwork when you order so you aren't locked into buying consumable parts from us. They are not a Nissan rotor but we supply them already redrilled to suit your vehicle. When it comes time to replace the rotors your local brake shop can redrill it for you or we will happily do it too.

999BESPOKE 6pot Brembo 365x32mm
999BESPOKE brakes - perfect brake pad contact with motorsport type curved vane rotors




The Alpha Omega Racing stuff in the kit is 100% CNC machined billet alloy, grade 7075, T6 heat treated. The 7075-T6 alloy is commonly known as "aerospace alloy" because, as you can probably guess, it's used extensively in aircrafts for its light weight and high strength qualities. This is the highest grade of alloy commonly available and it is generally reserved for use when only 'the best' is required.

To cope with the additional braking forces, the kit is engineered to be 175% stronger than the our already-stout design for the Evo 350mm Brembo brake kit. Other than bending / trimming / removing (we recommend removing) the dust shield - which you must do for all big brake upgrades, it is absolutely 100% bolt on.

999BESPOKE 6pot Brembo 365x32mm
999BESPOKE brakes - 6pot Brembo Monobloc calipers - made in Italy




HEL brand stainless steel braided brake lines are included in the kit and are ADR/TUV/DOT approved for road use.




  1. Except brake fluid, we include everything you need to bolt on and do forward flips.

999BESPOKE 6pot Brembo 365x32mm
Alpha Omega Racing's 999BESPOKE brakes - 6pot Brembo Monobloc calipers on 365x32mm curved vane rotors




These are big brakes so you’ll need minimum 18" wheels with big brake clearance. We do not keep track of what wheels fit as there are just too many different brands, models, widths, offsets, face types and style combinations. Bending/trimming/removing dust shield is required. A BM57 17/16” brake master cylinder is recommended.



COMPARISON (Pictorial)

All brakes are frame by AME Tracer TM-02 measuring 18x10" with a +12mm offset, and Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R in size 265/35/18.

999BESPOKE 6pot Brembo 365x32mm
999BESPOKE Brembo VS Evo 350mm Brembo VS R33 / R34 GTR Skyline Brembo

R33 / R34 GTR Skyline Brembo
R33 / R34 GTR Skyline Brembo

Evo 350mm Brembo
Alpha Omega Racing Evo 350mm Brembo

999BESPOKE 6pot Brembo 365x32mm
Alpha Omega Racing 999BESPOKE Brembo


COMPARISON (Technical)

Look at some of today's high performance car's power and weight and compare those numbers to say, the Alpha Omega Racing S15 dynoed at 330rwkw / 448rwhp and factoring a 15% drive loss equals 384kw / 515hp at the flywheel. Our S15 isn't the most powerful Silvia by any means, but it's making power similiar to flagship vehicles from factory names like AMG, M, RS, GTR - but the Silvia weighs around 500kg less! Based on power to weight it's likely the S15 will be faster at pace but even with our "big" Evo 350mm Brembo brakes... the braking is still undersized. This is the reason why we went on to develop the 999BESPOKE: 6-365Brembo.

Car Power Weight Calipers Rotors
320kw / 430hp 1497kg 4 Piston 380mm
Audi RS4
331kw / 444hp 1825kg 8 Piston 365mm
Mercedes-Benz C63S
375kw / 503hp 1730kg 8 Piston 390mm
Nissan GTR R35
404kw / 542hp 1730kg 6 Piston 390mm
Nissan Silvia S15 (Standard)
147kw / 197hp 1240kg 4 Piston 280mm
Alpha Omega Racing S15 with 999BESPOKE: 6-365Brembo
384kw / 515hp 1240kg 6 Piston 365mm



Made to suit 180sx, S13 S14, S15, 200sx only.



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