WTAC Front Brake Kit

WTAC Front Brake Kit
WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit WTAC Front Brake Kit
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Only for R32 GT-R / R33 GT-R / R34 GT-R, everything else sold out




Evo 350mm Brembo Brakes


Evo 350mm Brembo Brakes - Standard (Bolt-On) Edition


Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge Front Brake Kit


In a nutshell, this is an extremely lightweight but just as powerful version of our Evo 350mm Brembo Front Brakes; to achieve this unprecedented performance upgrade you would have to use carbon/ceramic brakes and those would cost more than most of our cars lol



We found during competition at the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge that we didn’t actually need the heat capacity - the weight - the EVO X front rotors provided for the handful of laps for time attack racing. Below is is a photo of the actual rotor we used at the WTAC - DBA T3 350x32mm - note the thickness. After 6 (six) laps of Sydney MotorSport Park (SMSP) (Eastern Creek) we found the following: green is the lowest tempreture reading at 458 degrees and it is only starting to flash off to white, meaning these 32mm thick rotors did not even reach 458 degrees celcius... in terms of brake rotors, it was barely warmed up.


WTAC Front Brembo Brakes
6 laps of SMSP and we hadn't even reached 458 degrees celcius


We didn’t need the heat capacity for time attack and that means we don’t need it for a street car or a drag car either, but we wanted to keep all the braking power. The question then became “How can we save lots of weight without sacrificing stopping power?” By analysing all 212 pages of the Disc Brakes Australia catalogue we shortlisted a number of lighter-weight rotors (such as DBA42031 DBA42605 DBA52124 DBA52320 DBA52448 DBA52992) and expensive 2pc options. They saved ~1.5kg of weight, which is nice, but we can do better than nice. We wanted to save more, lots more.

Here's what we engineered for ultra light front brakes: Evo Brembo 4piston front calipers + new ALPHA OMEGA aerospace billet adapter kit + Nissan 370Z 350x20mm rear rotors.

Yep, in a WORLD FIRST we have exploited the slim width large diameter rear 370Z rotors on the front axle. The slim width saves us huge weight whilst the large diameter keeps all the braking power. By doing this we have now saved:


Unsprung weight! *wow!*

Rotational weight!! *amaze!*

Evo 350mm Brembo Brakes
WTAC Front Brake Kit- 6.0kg rotational and unsprung weight savings!



The combination of unsprung and rotational weight saving is THE holy grail of weight saving. With this upgrade not only do you have the same amazing stopping power of the Evo 350mm Brembo Front Brakes thanks to using the same Brembo calipers, same pads, and the same diameter rotors but this is a brake upgrade that actually INCREASES ACCELERATION, gives you MORE GRIP, have a COMFORTABLE RIDE, the car will HANDLE BETTER and stops you EVEN FASTER - these are all benefits of saving so much unsprung AND rotational weight.

Let's quickly put 6.0 kilograms into perspective: racing rims strive to save grams - yes they're talking GRAMS and not KILOgrams - because fast racers know even a “small” unsprung and rotational weight saving equals maaaaaaaaassive performance gains. Don't believe us? Check out the Volk Racing TE37 SuperLap Edition in size 18x10.5", Rays Engineering is proud to achieve a saving of 400grams over the non-SuperLap edition. Compare their TE37SL 1.6kg total weight saving for ~$3500 to our 6.0kg total weight saving, we get ~FOUR TIMES the benefit for a tiny fraction of the price.

Evo X 350x32mm rotors = 11.8kg
370Z 350x20mm rotors = 8.8kg
Weight saving per side = 3.0kg
Total unsprung + rotational weight saved = 6.0kg = 25%!!!

* Due to using a 20mm wide rotor in a 32mm wide caliper the brake pads will need spacing out. In the kit we have included a set of 4 CAD-weight-optimised CNC machined billet stainless steel brake pad spacers with 4 CNC machined billet stainless steel load spreaders. Each pair is 0.2kg so the total unsprung weight saving is still an unprecedentedly large 5.2kg whilst the rotational weight saving - the most important type of weight saving - is 6.0 fat kilograms.

Also! The high offset of the 370Z rear rotors gives you an extra 24mm (~1") caliper to wheel spoke clearance so you can now have your Brembo cake and eat it too with deeeeeeeeep dish wheels - if that's your thing - on the front of your car, finally! If that's not your thing then you'll be happy to know the mass of your brakes have been further centralised for better dynamic handling.

Evo 350mm Brembo Brakes
WTAC Front Brake Kit - Soooooo much clearance!



Don't be. Just compare the sizes and weights of these popular rotors:

  • Evo 9 @ 320x32mm = 9.0kg
  • Evo 10 @ 350x32mm rotors = 11.8kg
  • R34 GTR @ 324x30mm = 9.0kg
  • 370z @ 355x32mm front = 13.2kg
  • 370Z @ 350x20mm rear = 8.8kg
  • S15 @ 280x30mm = 7.6kg

Have you noticed those GTRs and EVOs with 5/6/7/1000 horsepower running around with stock brakes and do just fine? The only thing exploding is the motor lol. With these WTAC brakes you have the same heat capacity but a larger surface area for faster cooling, not to mention all the benefits of the larger stiffer newer EVO Brembo calipers and pads. If you're still worried then you have the gold standard upgrade with 32mm wide rotors here: Evo 350mm Brembo Front Brakes.



The below information is copy/pasted from the Evo 350mm Brembo Front Brakes but edited to reflect the changes of using of the 370Z 350x20mm rear rotor on the front, so…



Do you want a better Brembo brake upgrade than the Skyline GTR Brembo brakes for around the same costs?

  • Incredible stopping power
  • World’s biggest selection of brake pads and rotors
  • Great bang for bucks

Here's what we engineered: Evo Brembo front calipers + ALPHA OMEGA aerospace billet adapter kit + 370Z 350x20mm rear rotors.

R33 GTR vs EVO Brembo Calipers
Yes it fits under some 17" wheels, like our test car using Enkei NT03 @ 17x9+15



We use the excellent and cheap Brembo brake calipers from the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (they are all the same) – newer in both design and age, feature external bridges, dual bleed nipples, correctly orientated staggered pistons, quick pad changes and dust boots.

They are also larger and more rigid which all add up to give 'more' braking, better feel, better modulation and ultimately better control on the limit. Parts are everywhere so your choices are virtually endless!

Note: We DO NOT use the Evo 10 caliper because the mounting "legs" on them are longer which would force the caliper adapter to be smaller and not as strong. For more information please see the tech article Evo Brembo Brakes On A Nissan - Adapter Designs.

Evo 350mm Brembo Brakes
R33 GTR Brembo caliper (black - top) vs EVO Brembo caliper (red - bottom)



We chose a huge factory size rotor for the best braking and so that replacement parts are easy to get from budget friendly 1-piece to race-ready 2-piece. We picked the Nissan 370Z rear rotors which measures 350x20mm. These are BIG to provide enormous stopping leverage to ultimately give you incredible brakes.

These rotors are also super light weight!

Evo 350mm Brembo Brakes
WTAC Front Brake Kit Installed



By using a larger 350mm rotor we were able to engineer a caliper adapter that is bigger and wider than if we had used the standard Evo 320mm rotor. A bigger adapter equals more strength and more safety. As with all bigger rotor upgrades there is approximately 3mm of pad overhang which is a small tradeoff for the larger rotor, stronger caliper adapters and just plain awesome brakes.

ALPHA OMEGA caliper adapters are 100% CNC machined billet alloy, grade 7075, T6 heat treated. The 7075-T6 alloy is commonly known as "aerospace alloy" because, as you can probably guess, it's used extensively in aircrafts for its light weight and high strength qualities.

We make the kit right here in Australia so that you know the quality is excellent.

Note: We do NOT use the Evo 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 rotors (320mm) because there will be minimal material in the caliper adapter; to make them fit you would either have to angle-grind space for the calipers or remove material from the threaded section of the adapters. For more information please see the tech article Evo Brembo Brakes On A Nissan - Adapter Designs.

Evo 350mm Brembo Brakes
WTAC Front Brake Kit Installed



  • 100% CNC machined billet 7075-T6 aerospace alloy adapters
  • Faster acceleration
  • Better handling
  • Higher grip
  • Bigger calipers
  • Bigger rotors
  • Bigger brake pads
  • Amazing brakes
  • Made in Australia so you know it's done right



Car Caliper Piston Sizes Rotor Sizes Pad Sizes Master Cylinder Size
Silvia 180sx/S13
1x57mm 252x20mm 137x53x17mm 13/16"
Silvia/200sx S14,S15
4x40mm 280x30mm 119x71x14mm 15/16"
300zx Z32 Turbo
4x40mm 280x30mm 119x71x14mm 17/16"
350z Z33 Brembo
2x38mm + 2x44mm 324x30mm 120x74x14mm 17/16"
Skyline R32 GTST
4x40mm 280x30mm 119x71x14mm 16/16"
Skyline R32 GTR (NON Brembo)
4x40mm 296x32mm 119x71x14mm 16/16"
Skyline R33 GTS25T
4x40mm 296x30mm 119x71x14mm 15/16"
Skyline R34 GTT
4x40mm 310x30mm 119x71x14mm 16/16"
Skyline R32,R33,R34 GTR Brembo
2x38mm + 2x44mm 324x30mm 120x74x14mm 17/16"
Evo 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
2x40mm + 2x46mm 320x32mm 132x77x14mm 17/16"
Evo 350mm Brembo: WTAC Edition
2x40mm + 2x46mm 350x20mm 132x77x14mm 17/16"


Evo 350mm Brembo Brakes
Evo 350mm Brembo Brakes on Nissan Skyline GTR under Nismo LM-GT4 wheels



  1. Pair of CNC machined 7075-T6 billet aerospace alloy caliper adapters (front left and front right)
  2. Pair of CNC machined stainless steel billet brake pad spacers with CAD engineered light-weight machining (front left and front right)
  3. Pair of CNC machined stainless steel billet brake pad spacer load spreaders (front left and front right)
  4. Various high tensile bolts and high tensile washers
  5. Full installation instructions with pictures

You need to get the following parts to make it all work:

  1. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 Brembo front calipers (including pads/pins/shims/clip)
  2. Nissan 370Z REAR rotors (350x20mm)
  3. Custom brake lines

These are big brakes so you’ll need minimum 17" wheels. We do not keep track of what wheels fit as there are just too many different brands, models, widths, offsets, face types and style combinations - but some nice customers have sent us installed photos including specifications of their wheels; the photos and specs have been uploaded to the Alpha Omega Racing Facebook page - check them out in the 'Photos > Albums' and whilst you're there, give us a Like =) Trimming of dust shield is required. A BM57 17/16” brake master cylinder is recommended.

You specify what Nissan you drive at the end of the checkout process, that way we know what parts to ship to you.

Only for R32 GT-R / R33 GT-R / R34 GT-R, everything else sold out


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