COMPLETE R33 Gearbox Conversion Kit - 180sx, s13, s14

COMPLETE R33 Gearbox Conversion Kit - 180sx, s13, s14
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One package only, first in best dressed.



This package will suit a S13, S14, or 180sx.


A customer dropped off a R33 RB25DET gearbox off to us to prepare for his conversion, but he just had an accident. We are asked to move it on for him.

FULL DISCLOSURE: the gearbox is not in the greatest condition, sensors and shifter are missing but you save $2144.25. Whilst preparing the gearbox we noticed the gears had scuff marks and it wasn't worth it to replace them and rebuild (it is cheaper to buy a brand new gearbox). This gearbox here will work and be strong but might be noisey and not shift great - sell your NOT broken SR20 gearbox, abuse this one whilst you save for a THICC gearset, or slowly look for another used gearbox. We may even buy the gearbox back from you to build it with PPG / OS Giken / AGY / etc gearsets.

Alpha Omega Racing R33GCK-Factory



Almost all parts you need are included for a complete bolt in install. You will need gearbox sensors and shifter to complete the installation. Everything in the package is brand new except the gearbox:

  1. R33 Gearbox Conversion Kit - Factory Fitment = $2200+GST
  2. ALPHA OMEGA Racing 1 piece 3.5" lightweight alloy tailshaft = $1170+GST
  3. R33 RB25DET Gearbox, used, no sensors, no shifter, no warranty = $1800+GST
  4. R33 Gearbox Bellhousing Machining Service = $550+GST
  5. Machined bellhousing swap = $437.50+GST
  6. Pre-install R33GCK-Factory parts = $500+GST
  7. Miscellaneous gearbox set up, prepared for a bolt in install = $250+GST

The parts and labour above is $7598.25 including GST, this special package deal is only $5454+GST with free courier shpping on a pallet, Australia wide (a surcharge will apply to remote areas). Depending on your car we may need to manufacture a tailshaft for you, or we may already have it in stock. 


This package will suit a S13, S14, or 180sx.




One package only, first in best dressed.



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