UN1CAMS Camshafts

UN1CAMS Camshafts
UN1CAMS Camshafts UN1CAMS Camshafts
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UN1CAMS are the latest "Step 1" direct install "drop in" camshafts for the SR20DET which are designed to gain power and torque across the widest RPM range for the best overall improvements "under the dyno curve" - gone are the days of sacrificing low/mid range power for top end only power.

  • The most power and torque gains "under the dyno curve" to 7500rpm
  • Excellent part-throttle response
  • Made in Australia from brand new billet SR20DET blank cams


Optimised for minimal lag and maximum overall power to make street driving fun and to get you the best results at the racetrack, UN1CAMS makes more power and more torque everywhere over 2500rpm when compared to standard cams.

Compared to other Step 1 camshafts, UN1CAMS have produced more power and more torque across the majority and sometimes even across the entire RPM range!

UN1CAMS - By Unigroup Engineering


These cams were specifically designed to work with the standard motor and be a direct install with no other changes required – there is no need to upgrade valve springs, retainers, or gears – but you can if you want to.

Instead of making the power in the 8000rpm area, UN1CAMS are optimised to make the power by 7000-7500rpm for less lag, higher overall power and torque gains, superb response and longer engine life.

UN1CAMS are well matched to small to medium sized bolt-on SR20 turbocharger kits up to 350rwkw/470rwhp including:

  • OEM Nissan factory turbos
  • Garrett GT2860, GT2871, GT3071/GTX3071 and GT3076/GTX3076
  • Trust T517Z, T518z, and TD06-series
  • ALPHA OMEGA "GTX500" custom Garrett GTX 500hp turbo (fits onto standard exhaust manifold)
  • HKS GT-RS, 3037-series and GT2
  • Tomei ARMS M7960 and M8270


We do NOT recommend these camshafts if you:

  • Have a built motor that frequently revs to and over 8000rpm
  • Want the biggest peak power figure
  • Building a drag racing car

We recommend these camshafts if you:

  • Have a motor with an rpm limit up to 7500rpm
  • Want power and torque everywhere - low, middle and top end
  • Street drive your Silvia
  • Looking for amazing throttle response in circuit racing, time attack or drift

UN1CAMS - By Unigroup Engineering


All camshafts listed below are "step 1" or "drop in" and do not require any other modification.
Standard valve springs are compatible with all of the below camshafts (standard valve springs do not "bind" even at 12.5mm of lift).

Brand Model Intake


Duration (deg) Lift (mm) Duration (deg) Lift (mm)
Unigroup UN1CAMS s13 257 11.9 257 11.9
s14/s15 252 11.5 257 11.9
HKS Step 1 s13 256 11.5 256 11.5
s14/s15 256 11.5 256 11.5
Trust/Greddy Easy s13 256 10.5 264 10.5
s14/s15 256 10.5 264 10.5
Tomei Poncams s13 256 11.5 256 11.5
s14/s15 256 11.5 256 11.5
JUN s13 256-264 10.5-11 256-264 10.5-11
UN1CAMS are made and engineered in Australia by Unigroup Engineering with high lift and low duration – the two fundamental differences that set the UN1CAMS apart from the rest to give more power everywhere. Peak power is for internet or drag racing, overall power is for everybody else.

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