Z32, R33, R34 (FS5W30A) Gearbox Rebuild Service

Z32, R33, R34 (FS5W30A) Gearbox Rebuild Service
Z32, R33, R34 (FS5W30A) Gearbox Rebuild Service Z32, R33, R34 (FS5W30A) Gearbox Rebuild Service Z32, R33, R34 (FS5W30A) Gearbox Rebuild Service
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We can fully rebuild your Z32, R33 or R34 (all known as the "FS5W30A") gearbox so it's better than new!

Starting with a full strip down we replace all the seals and bearings but we don't stop there as we inspect, overhaul or replace the syncros on a case-by-case basis.

As self-confessed fans of the Z32 / R33 / R34 / FS5W30A gearboxes we have a lot of experience with them. There has been a known design flaw with 4th gear shifting and crunching so we have devised our own way to fix it. The exact process will not be revealed however we can say it works great and we do it to all rebuilds unless you request us not to.


Z32 Gearbox Rebuild
Z32 Gearbox Rebuilt


We trust that after the rebuild you will have many kilometres of happy motoring with the rebuild and the 4th gear modifications :)



  1. Complete strip down
  2. Inspection of all running gear
  3. Inspect, overhaul or replace syncros (this is quoted on a case-by-case basis)
  4. Remove and replace all seals and bearings
  5. Modify 4th gear for better shifting and less chances of crunching
  6. Chemical cleaning
  7. Media blast ("sand blasting")
  8. Reassembly
  9. Paint
  10. Quality Assurance inspection
  11. Packaging for delivery

Z32 Gearbox Rebuild
Z32 Gearbox Rebuilt




It will take ~10 days to rebuild your gearbox.


The ordering and delivery process is as follows:

  1. "Add to cart"
  2. Proceed through the checkout process
  3. Once your order is placed and payment is cleared we will send you our shipping (or drop off in person) information
  4. Ship (or drop off) your gearbox
  5. We do the magic in ~10 days
    • If there are any issues such as damaged gears we will call you to discuss your options
  6. We ship back (or call you for pickup) your better-than-new gearbox


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