Dyno Tuning Training: 1-on-1

Dyno Tuning Training: 1-on-1
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In addition to all the benefits of the group lesson outlined below this is a 1-on-1 lesson where your car will be fully tuned from scratch + you will be in your car rubbing shoulders with our expert dyno tuner, taking control of the laptop as well as the dyno. Yes that's right, you will be learning and doing a FULL tune on your own car! 


Are you a DIYer who has modified your own car and wants to tune it too? Do you want to learn more about getting the most out of your engine and your modifications? Maybe an aspiring engine tuner? Then you will love this day! This is for all automotive enthusiasts to broaden your knowledge of how to improve your overall engine performance, plus get hands on dyno time.

  • Find out the secrets to tuning!
  • Get hands on interactive dyno tuning on one of your own cars (under professional supervision so it won’t get harmed)
  • You specify exactly what you want to learn
  • No question too hard, too silly, or too off limits
  • Very small group size: 6 people only


You will be taught anything you what you want to learn about engine performance and tuning and nothing that you don’t. Anything can be taught and you can literally define the contents of the day. This isn’t just another sit down and yawn lecture but a unique interactive practical day with teachings and demonstrations on a car you choose, right in front of your eyes... then you get to go behind the wheel and do it with your very own hands!

Nowhere else will you be able to find a tuning session with value close to this with this much hands-on time.


Anything! Here are some of the things you may want to learn:

  • I just installed a new mod; can you show me how to retune the car to get the most out of it?
  • What is the right AFR to use and what happens if I change it?
  • How can I pass EPA emissions tests?
  • How can I fix what is causing knock/ping/detonation?
  • What is a safe level of boost for my engine?
  • How do we choose the right camshafts?
  • What is timing and how can I take advantage of it?



  • Want to learn more about getting the most out of your engine and your modifications
  • A DIY’er who has modified your own car and wants to tune it too
  • Don’t want to be taken for a ride by dubious workshops recommending you questionable modifications, or want to keep internet tuners honest
  • Are an aspiring engine tuner
  • Want to learn key factors on engine tuning to be able to figure things out on your own, not just limiting yourself to "change this then you get that"


  • We encourage that you come with your group of friends to learn and train, so you can bounce ideas with people that you are comfortable with
  • We will place you in a suitable group based on your knowledge/skill level to maximise learning potential
  • For larger groups we can customise a day specifically for you and your needs. For a package deal, please enquire for more information


Time = 10am – 4pm
Day = Most Sunday's
Date = Once we have a suitable group of 6 people, we will contact each person and find a perfect date suitable for everyone
Location = Girraween, NSW, 2145
Bookings = Please send us an email and we will reply with a short questionnaire to understand you and your needs, and include steps to secure your spot: contactus@alphaomegaracing.com

Because the sessions are designed specifically to support the community at great value we will not accept any bookings for these sessions from applicants already in professional tuning industry/tuning for profit. If you are interested to further your professional tuning skills please enquire for coaching options.

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