Custom Engineering and Manufacturing

Custom Engineering and Manufacturing
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That's right, almost whatever you can dream, we can engineer and manufacture for you from start to finish.

The cost is $250/hr, minimum charge is 1 hour.

Think about:

  • Quality: Alpha Omega does not compromise on quality. If you want something quick and dirty then you’ll have to look elsewhere.
  • Cost: if it’s already available then buy it – no ifs no buts no nothing! Custom anything will be MUCH more expensive no matter how you slice it. But if you can’t buy it then the more thoroughly you dream = the less we have to do = the more money you save.
  • Cost round 2: Custom is never cheap. if you can get a few friends to jump in then the cost of development can be spread amongst everyone.
  • Time: Custom will take lots of time. If you want a prototype in plastic (and test and make changes) then that will take time, if you want a prototype in metal (and test and make changes) then that will take even more time than a plastic prototype, if you want us to carry out specific analysis, if you want to do real world testing, and so on.
  • How your idea will perform.
  • How and if things will fit.
  • The tolerances you require.
  • How things may wear and tear.
  • Everything is cheaper, faster and better the more you’ve thought about it and the earlier you make your decisions and stick with it. Changing your mind after a production piece is manufactured will literally double your cost since we have to start all over again.

Contact Us and run us through your idea – leave us your number and if things are looking good then we’ll call you for a free 10 minute phone consultation, compliments on the house : ) It would be nice to talk about the idea quickly and concisely. We will analyse it on the spot and advise you.

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