MONSTAR500 Turbo - Bolt-On Power & Response

MONSTAR500 Turbo - Bolt-On Power & Response
MONSTAR500 Turbo - Bolt-On Power & Response MONSTAR500 Turbo - Bolt-On Power & Response MONSTAR500 Turbo - Bolt-On Power & Response
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Alpha Omega Racing's biggest development, the MONSTAR500 Turbo - bolt on power using a genuine Garrett GTX core and delivering a responsive 500hp - A bolt on low mounted factory position turbocharger able to make a responsive 500hp (370kw) in Nissan's 180sx, s13, s14 and s15 (SR20DET). Dyno proven on a stock engine with step 1 cams to make 500bhp / 440rwhp / 330rwkw with 25psi @ 4000rpm! That's unheard of!

MONSTAR500 Turbocharger made by Alpha Omega Racing + Garrett



The 3 goals we set for ourselves in 2012:

  1. The biggest power from a “bolt on” turbo
  2. Low mounted
  3. Stealth engine bay

We started out with a genuine Garrett GTX3071R turbo and here are some of the results during testing (this was so long ago that we have since changed our name and website haha):

Just a Few Rounds of Testing



From there we modified, tested, tweaked, tested, changed and tested until we ticked off all our goals. In the process we achieved super response as well! 25psi @ 4000rpm! Check out that wiiiiiiiiide 330rwkw powerband:

330rwkw + 25psi @ 4000rpm



One secret that separates Alpha Omega Racing's MONSTAR500 from the rest of the low mount turbochargers is this: it uses an external wastegate with a factory cast external wastegate port on hot side. The difference is the exhaust housing is specifically designed for the external wastegate, it's not "cut and shut" and welded onto a standard exhaust housing nor is a wastegate randomly stuck on top of the standard exhaust manifold. Another obvious secret is billet CNC machined turbo wheels for lighter weight, faster spool and more boost. Alpha Omega Racing has made other not-so-obvious changes and added secret features to produce the MONSTAR500 turbo. These specifications are proprietary and will not be disclosed, please do not ask as refusal can offend. With years of testing we have a combination that works in synergy to create the MONSTAR500 - POWER & RESPONSE. 


MONSTAR500 Turbocharger



  • The biggest power from a “bolt on” T2-flanged turbo
  • The most responsive "bolt on" turbo that can produce 500hp
  • Stealth engine bay
  • Low engine bay temps
  • Cost effective


MONSTAR500 Turbo's Engine Bay - Defect Proof



Item Low Mount Turbos High Mount Turbos MONSTAR500 Turbo
Max power 350rwhp / 260rwkw 400rwhp / 300rwkw and up 500rwhp / 370rwkw
Boost response 22psi @ 4000rpm 24psi @ 3700rpm and up 25psi @ 4000rpm
Bolts on to standard exhaust manifold? Yes No Yes
Requires new exhaust manifold? No Yes No
Requires new oil and water lines? No - but recommended Yes No - but recommended
Requires new exhaust / dump pipe / front pipe? No Yes No
Requires new intercooler pipe / charge air pipe? No Yes No
Requires new intake pipe? No Yes Yes
Requires external wastegate and piping? No Yes Yes
Engine bay heat Low High Low
Risk of defects Low High Low
Total Cost Low High Medium




  1. Alpha Omega Racing MONSTAR500 bolt on turbocharger

You need the following parts to make it all work:

  1. External wastegate and piping
  2. Intake piping

This is a big turbocharger. Some modifications to the engine mount are necessary. Braided water/oil lines are recommended.




Here's our bright yellow widebody S15 meeting not just any ol' police but the worst kind... highway patrol. This happened just a few weeks before the World Time Attack Challenge... and this is the same S15 that we'll be competing in the WTAC Clubsprint class with!


Alpha Omega Racing S15 with the MONSTAR500 Turbo -VS- Highway Patrol: The Defect Professionals™



Here's the damage...


Veh(Vehicle) not comply with standard
- Ride height < 100mm to comply
- Coil over suspension to comply
- L(Left) headlight not serviceable
- Drivers seat to comply

We went through Highway Patrol: The Defect Professionals™ with 330rwkw and not a second look was given to the engine bay =)
What you do with your suspension, seat, wheels, exhaust, interior and lights is another matter haha





MONSTAR500 Turbo Dyno Sheet / Results


The above dyno sheet result is from an S15 SR20DET with the following modifications:

Alpha Omega Racing MONSTAR500 turbocharger
TiAL 38mm wastegate plumb back

UN1CAMS step 1 camshafts
ALPHA OMEGA Racing single valve springs


Tomei rocker arm stoppers
Cosworth metal head gasket
ARP head studs

ALPHA OMEGA Racing Fuel Rail Kit
Bosch 2000cc injectors
Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator 1200 (FPR1200)
Walbro 460LPH fuel pump
80% ethanol (E80)

Trust front mount intercooler
Stock OEM Nissan airbox modified
Performance Exhaust Centre dump + front pipe
Apexi PS Revolution catback exhaust with unremovable silencer


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